Say hello to "EnterTraining". Edutainment for professionals.

How our approach keeps professionals engaged

EnterTraining & memorable

People learn better while having fun. So, we put on a show! From YouTube-styled motion graphics, to intense role plays, and engagement through our crazy tech, we create learning experiences that are categorized as edutainment. Hilarious, but always serious learning.


Practical & relevant

We focus on practical learning that matters. From challenging content and back-at-work tasks that promote transfer of learning, to fully immersive interactions. Everything is action-focused and geared towards making an impact in professionals' worklives.

Customized to your personality

We all learn differently and need different things to learn. By using the Everything DiSC® Assessment Suite (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) we are able to tailor our approach to professionals' behavioral styles. To help them develop in a way that matters to them.

Why are we called Talent Hacks?

We believe that professionals need fast and practical solutions to help them hack their talent and grow. No ambiguous advice. No generic techniques. We give them crystal-clear “talent hacks” that get them the results they need. Practical. Relevant. Immediate.

The tools in our toolbelt

Micro learning

Dynamic, bite-sized chunks of video content that promote learning retention.

Self-directed experiences

Customized learning paths for professionals to learn at their own pace.

Realistic simulations

Skills-practice through branched scenario videos and intense role-plays.

Working while learning

Professionals design tangible company output while being trained.

Group & 1:1 coaching

Intense focus on the unique needs of each business professional.

Back-at-work tasks

Learning augmented and skills practiced through practical work assignments.

Cutting-edge technology

Use of technology as a reinforcer of content and talent hacking.

Follow-up actions

Post-event actions that promote transfer of learning and maintain change.


Yes and no. We like to think of ourselves as sidekicks. You see, in our eyes, the client is Batman/Batwoman and we’re Robin all the way. Your sidekick, minus the yellow spandex. We’ve always been firm believers in standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients to implement whatever solution we’re working on together. We’re not “in and out” consultants, we actively “become” part of your workforce to better deliver our solutions.

We don’t really like the label “employee” when it comes to talking about people who passionately work for a company. To us, everyone is a professional, looking to do a good job in the best way possible. That’s how we approach your people. We treat everyone with the same respect, recognizing their unique needs and characteristics.

We breathe Mediterranean air. We live on the beautiful island of Cyprus, enjoying over 300 days of sunshine a year. Jealous, right? We love it here, but we’ve also done business on every continent in the world; both virtually and in-person.

From Fortune 500s to startups the world over, we bring a level of expertise and knowledge that is deeply grounded in reality and fully aligned with the unique needs of professionals in any kind of workplace.

Yes, we do. We’re actively involved in startup training and coaching through our affiliation as co-founders of Chrysalis LEAP, a Cyprus-based cleantech accelerator and Regional Partner of Climate-KIC. We also do lots of work with corporate startups and Innovation Sprints, through our affiliation with Strategyzer, the creators of the Business Model Generation movement.

"To contribute to the lives of 1,000,000 professionals”. For us, that’s a big ambition. Intimidating. But it drives us and gives us direction and purpose.

How do we do that? Our mission is to grow professionals by using edutainment tactics to make learning stick like shit to a blanket, and by giving them raw talent hacks to suit their unique needs.

Go ahead and download our Talent Hacks Manifesto for a more philosophical perspective!