Corporate Edutainment: e-learning with high production value

If you’ve been reading our posts for a while, you’ll know Talent Hacks takes a maximalist approach to corporate edutainment. Our aim is to go big. 

(What is edutainment? Short answer: it’s learning that educates and entertains, typically in the form of multimedia-enriched, gamified lessons, popularized in schools, but more and more relevant in terms of professional training, as well.)

Put another way: for us, nailing engagement by making corporate learning fun isn’t just a goal to achieve, it’s unapologetically personal, and a fundamental part of our identity (we put it in our Manifesto).

We believe in the power of absorbing, curiosity-amping exploration and play, and our brand is anchored in delivering that experience – whether we’re leading a corporate retreat, delivering a virtual workshop, or producing a Smart Course.

corporate edutainment

Smart visuals for a streaming era

So, when it comes to self-directed e-learning, Talent Hacks makes high-quality design and production value a staple of its corporate edutainment approach.


Not just because the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text…

And not just because we’re multi-disciplinary, tech-obsessed trainers who built an in-house green screen and motion graphics studio…

But also because of the prevalence of sleek design and next-level filmmaking.

Whichever generation we belong to – especially if we’re Millennials or Gen Z – the use of smart phones, cloud apps, social media, and streamed games, movies and TV, have trained us to expect Hollywood-grade visuals and effects.

Bringing the wow factor to L&D

So, why would our expectations of corporate edutainment and e-learning be any different?

That’s why our new Smart Course, ‘Dealing With People’, took over a year to produce (read: write, rehearse, shoot and edit), blending live-action with custom music and graphics, and powered by the award-winning Motimate LMS app.

Learners are taken behind the scenes to optimize their habitual workplace interactions, following a path tailored to their particular traits.

We think it’s eye-wateringly engaging. You might find you agree…