Frustration innovation: how we made tech the key to reinvented L&D

Before educational technology...

The Smart Course that’s been our 24/7 obsession for over a year, has an origin story.

Just like superhero tales, it begins in the depths of defeat.

Scratch that… the depths of frustration.

If you’ve ever observed a stale, stagnant way of doing things, while feeling helpless to bring about change… well, that was us when we first started out as corporate trainers.

We were bursting with creativity (still are), new ideas, and a hunger to make learning and development not just engaging and a genuine up-leveling of professional skills… but an experience in which participants actually had fun.

Fun was not a word associated with corporate training in the Noughties.

A new era of learning & development

And that really stuck in our craw.

Maybe it was because we’re Millennials, and our generation has always valued immersive and transformative experiences. (This applies even more so, for Gen Z.)

Maybe it was because we’re nerds who love all things pop culture, tech, especially educational technology, and gaming.

Or maybe it was because we sensed entertainment and educational technology would eventually converge to such a degree, that L&D would have to live up to the production value of movies, the story arcs of TV, and the hyper-personalization of a Role Playing Game.

For a while, the frustration remained in the background.

Then a virus shut down the planet, and the global workplace went fully remote.

educational technology

The sweet spot of training, tech & entertainment

Just like that, we were free to let loose and offer trainings that, thanks to our creativity and our educational technology, were more like bona fide rock shows. Participant engagement soared.

Even more importantly, we finally had the greenlight to create our first Smart Course.

Dealing with People’ is an immersion into the unconscious patterns driving workplace interactions, and a module-by-module process to optimize and H.A.C.K. them.

It’s self-paced, grounded in behavioral science and chunked into the micro-learning morsels best consumed by mobile-first learners.

It’s also ridiculously action-packed and unashamedly fun.

Curious? Take a look on how we kick-started production.