HACK – Habit Anyone Can Keep

We help professionals hack their talent

It’s a simple concept, really. Here’s an example of how talent hacking can apply to behavioral development.  

Let’s take the persona of a perfectionist. You know, an analytical person who pays full attention to detail. A person who often spends more time than necessary in ensuring their output is just right, according to their unrealistically high standards.  

How do we help? We’ll work with the person to understand how they perceive things and what they want to accomplish, and then we’ll give them practical and relevant hacks to implement.  

So, here’s somethings that we’ve found usually works for the perfectionists we’ve helped along the years.  

“Time-box your work. Implement a 60-minute timer. 30 minutes. Whatever. Work to this timer to make sure you do whatever you need to do within this time, and when the timer is up, accept your output, accept the quality, and move on to the next task.”

This. This is a hack.

Stupid simple. But effective, if applied rigorously.  

Will the perfectionist change as a personality? Probably not. Personality change doesn’t happen like that. Their natural tendency will always be to focus on detail and quality and want to keep editing and editing, until they feel their output is as perfect as it can be to them.  

Does it matter that they’re still a perfectionist? Definitely not. It’s what makes them unique. We don’t want perfectionists to lose themselves in wanting to “eliminate” this amazing quality.  

But, employing this hack over time, is likely to make this hack a habit. Will this hack make them a better professional? Of course it will! Will others’ perceptions of them change over time. Yep!

A HACK is a Habit Anyone Can Keep.

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