Shout it out! A new corporate learning & development adventure begins


If we’ve never met before, welcome. If we’ve already crossed paths, great to reconnect. Let’s bring you up to speed with our fresh-faced corner of the universe.

Meet Talent Hacks

We’re not your typical corporate learning & development company. Never were, never will be.

Since 2011, as the change agents behind Open Box Communication, our approach to helping professionals worldwide develop in People and Strategy was always as sidekick disruptors. We’ve perennially dug deep to identify and tap the talent needs that the manuals don’t address, and which conventional L&D tries to stuff into ill-fitting boxes.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve rebranded as Talent Hacks, with the ultimate goal of reinventing corporate training.

A new Learning & Development challenge

It’s daunting, but after two decades of successful workshops, Boot Camps and business model generation sprints in North America, Asia and Europe, working with SMEs and Fortune 500 organizations, scrappy entrepreneurs and corporate startups, we’re up for the challenge.

This isn’t conventional L&D leavened with a bunch of ‘pows’ and dad jokes. Or training that’s ‘same, old, same, old’ with snazzier design (we’ll R.A.N.T. about that in a future post).

This is a brand new chapter of what we, at Talent Hacks, call ‘EnterTraining’: a fresh approach to making learning stick, while utterly reinventing corporate Learning & Development.


Our remote trainings are full-on rock shows: part ‘pick your own adventure’, part YouTube-style facilitation, part laser-tailored personality assessment; our dynamic, in-person workshops nuke talent-depleting silos at double-speed. All of which engages Millennials and Gen Z professionals in particular, while addressing the skilling needs of the modern workplace.

Check out our brand new Virtual Workshops, inspired by gamer-style studios.

Sign up for the beta program of our soon-to-be-launched, ultra-customized Smart Courses.

Learn about our award-winning Corporate Retreat Boot Camps that revolutionize real-time learning.

And discover how we blend all our development tools and resources into highly action focused, longer-term Bespoke Academies.

On a mission to make learning stick

Ultimately, when it comes to freeing up professionals’ potential at warp speed, we, at Talent Hacks, mean business, and we’re hoping you’ll be coming along for the ride.

But how did we come up with the name ‘Talent Hacks’ in the first place…?

We’ll spill the beans about that, in our very next post!

Watch how we reinvent corporate training

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