Learning & Development in the new era of ‘edutainment’

So… as a learning and development provider, were we nuts to have poured a year’s worth of scripting, shooting, editing and gamifying into a Smart Course teaching you to manage your workplace interactions?

Nuts, as in ‘unconventional’?

Guilty as charged.

Nuts, as in misguided? We beg to differ.

learning development edutainment

A workforce that prefers tech-driven learning

Consider the following:

According to the Pearson Research Community, 47% of Gen Z and 41% of Millennials like to use interactive learning apps or games to learn

Generational expert Jason Dorsey notes that while “73% of Boomers, 69% of Gen Z, and 59% of Millennials report using the internet primarily to access information, 72% of Gen Z access the internet mainly for entertainment: videos, apps, message boards”.

Marketing researchers Channel Factory have identified “The TikTok Effect” – in other words, “craving an element of discovery in which [consumers] want unexpected content customized to them based on their personal engagement algorithm”.

Compound that with LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Report that states 93% of organizations are concerned about employee retention, and that opportunities to learn and develop new skills are among the top five factors driving people to pursue new jobs.

Finally, consider also that TV streamers like Netflix have, by now, trained us to expect a data-driven, seamless experience, consuming content tailored to our preferences…

…and our new Smart Course ‘Dealing with People’ doesn’t seem far-fetched after all.

Seamless, tailored, gamified L&D

We want Course takers to be personally engaged with what’s being revealed about their strengths, their over-extensions, their communication styles… that’s why every learner takes a pre-assessment based on the DISC model to determine their personality type.

Based on the result, the Course’s algorithm directs them along a unique learning path, to discover how their type interacts with their equally unique coworkers’ types.

We want learners to be gripped by the cinematic storytelling, motivated by the challenges and games, and empowered by learning (and optimizing) their impact.

And we want the bursts of micro-learning and back-at-work tasks, whether on desktop, tablet or a 9:16 phone screen, to be convenient, engaging and truly ‘entertraining’.

Did we succeed?

Only one way to find out.