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Work from home/coffeeshop

Let’s talk more about working remotely and the digital nomad trend.

Even before the outbreak of Covid-19, globe-trotting white-collar Millennials were popularizing the work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

But today, three years on from the pandemic-imposed shift to remote, and fitting professional duties around life has picked up momentum for every generation.

Not only are we squarely in the age of hybrid work, (with the Return To Office vs. Work From Home wars still raging), but the appeal to professionals of a borderless workplace is continuing to grow.

In fact, according to the MBO Partners 2022 State of Independence research study, last year 16.9 million US workers described themselves as digital nomads, increasing 9 per cent from 2021, and an impressive 131 per cent from pre-pandemic 2019.

At the same time, Fortune magazine reports that the anticipated trend for workers not ready for full-on digital nomadism, will be the so-called ‘hush trip’ – where they “work from home” for a short period while they are actually somewhere other than their declared location, without telling their boss.

L&D for every window of opportunity

Taken together, the message is clear. Today’s professionals are signaling their desire to have a far greater say over managing their time, productivity and working conditions.

So, where does that leave corporate learning and development?

Because, irrespective of location or schedule, L&D needs to be in the picture – LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Learning Report makes this clear, as opportunities to learn and develop new skills were among the top five factors driving professionals to pursue new jobs.

Talent Hacks’ Smart Courses offer one solution. After all, e-learning consumable on the fly, tailored to an individual user’s personal schedule, was exactly what we were going for with ‘Dealing With People’ – our latest self-directed training.

Location independent, scheduling free

Just check out the Course’s teaser.

References to The Matrix aside, we go to hilarious lengths to demo its location-independent, just-in-time accessibility, for professionals needing to optimize their workplace interactions. (Plus, Taz and Deano model the latest in tonsorial styling.)

The idea being, whether you work from home, you’re on a beach working off a laptop, parked waiting to pick up junior from soccer practice, or grabbing a bite in the office canteen, ‘Dealing With People’ will give you a micro-learning learning experience that’s available any time you can fit it in, delivered in our signature, irreverent, corporate edutainment style.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’ll still always enjoy in-person and live virtual training.

But when it comes to upskilling autonomous professionals in the era of agile, we want to be only a smartphone click away.