Mind the hack: our twist on training & development in human resource management

A need to be relevant

By rebranding as ‘Talent Hacks’, we wanted to put our twist on training and development in human resource management front and center. Because expediting professional development, while ensuring learning sticks, is a big part of what we bring to the table.

Why is speed so deeply baked into our process?

Because freeing up talent in any work-related context is a race against time – to evolve, develop and remain professionally relevant.

From A to Z fast

Sure, it’d be nice if we could dedicate ourselves, Karate Kid style, to practicing a single block or punch, for weeks or months to come, before progressing to a new move. But real life rarely gives us that kind of luxury of study.

Which is why, when it comes to freeing up, or tapping unique gifts or ‘talents’, we offer the professionals we work with tips, shortcuts – or ‘hacks’ – to get from A to Z, without the need for B, C, D, E, etc.

No inundating yourself with forgettable theories, excruciating models and acronyms, or generic ambiguous advice. No having to build things from scratch. Just crystal-clear development hacks to get you the results you need, from behavioral development, to productivity, performance, and beyond.

Same end result. Different means.

To offer an example: say you need a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation to use at tomorrow’s meeting. But you’re not really proficient at using the program. What do you do?

One option is to find a template of a presentation, and adapt it for your needs in time for that all-important meeting.

If you’d had a week or longer, maybe you’d have taken a course to take you beyond proficiency. But that option wasn’t on the table. Instead, you found something that was already set up, and modified it to make it relevant and actionable for your purposes.

Same result at the end of the day? Maybe. Different means to get there? Definitely.

From hack to habit

What matters is you hacked your way to your goal. And we help you hack your own, unique talent, so you can accomplish any of your learning and development objectives.

Over time, if you hack your talent enough, hacks that prove particularly useful and constructive for you, turn into habits. And that’s why a HACK is a Habit Anyone Can Keep.

Practical & relevant

So, looping back to our approach – we apply talent hacking to everything we do. That’s our twist on training and development in human resource management. We ensure all learning is practical and relevant to you.

(And while we won’t be on Netflix for a Cobra Kai-style show, any time soon, when we do Talent Hacking, we bring gamified play, engagement and flair to the speedy results!)

More? Grab a coffee and read our Talent Hacks Manifesto – or simply play the video below to learn how we apply talent hacking to behavioral development.