Smart Courses

Our flagship smart course, "Working with Humans" is the first of its kind. This edutainment experience helps you improve all of your interactions.

What is a Smart Course?

A Smart Course is a 5-week asynchronous development program aimed at immersing professionals in content and learning paths, tailored to their behavioral style, to master a specific topic, completely customized to their personality and behavioral style. Key ingredients: personalized videos, back-at-work tasks, assignments, coaching messages, simulations, and more gamified mechanics.

Is this for real? Yes!

We live in a world where our newsfeeds are tailored to our preferences. Yet learning is still based on outdated, generalized content delivery. It's about time the education system adapted to our unique needs. And it's about time someone did this for corporate training.

Why our Smart Courses Work

Cinematic Production

High-budget micro-videos that are fast-paced, interactive, and highly entertaining. Grabbing attention and keeping professionals fully engaged in the learning content.

edutainment cinematic production

Content matched to your personality

The Smart Course algorithm creates self-directed learning paths that are insanely customized to professionals' unique needs, behavioral styles, and tendencies. When watching a Smart Course, we are talking directly to YOU.

Immersive Content

Scientific Principles from fields including psychology, communication, and human behavior conveyed to you via personalized, actionable tasks to help you improve your skills.


Role Play sketches, animations and graphics all merge to transform an educational online course into an engaging experience that will have you binge-learning. Edutainment for corporate training.

More than Video

Going beyond the video content itself, the course applies concepts like micro-learning, gamified quizzes and back at work tasks to ensure your learning sticks.


A Smart Course is an asynchronous development program, of medium duration (2-8 weeks), aimed at immersing professionals in personalized content and self-directed learning paths, in order to master a specific topic, completely customized to their personality and behavioral style. Smart Courses include: personalized videos, back-at-work tasks, assignments, coaching messages, simulations, and other mechanics.

A Virtual Workshop is an intense, one-off synchronous training event of short duration (8-24 hours, split into a series of 4-hour sessions) that is aimed at quickly up-skilling professionals on a certain topic or serving as a learning refresher.

A Corporate Retreat Boot Camp is an in-person, team development intervention, taking place in our Cyprus training grounds. There, we take professionals through a targeted workout of communication, inter-reliance, and self-management, by immersing them in outdoor, team problem-solving exercises that surface the behaviors we want to address. As such, the Boot Camp’s agenda is constantly being adapted to professionals’ progress through the exercises. And this is how we offer real-time assessment and development of each professional’s unique needs.

A Bespoke Academy is a development program of a longer duration (3-18 months), aimed at achieving a set of strategic development objectives for a select group of professionals. To do this, we draw upon all of the tools in our toolbelt, such as Virtual Workshops, Corporate Retreat Boot Camp, Smart Courses, in-person training, learning videos, back-at-work tasks, company-wide and large-scale projects, simulations, coaching, questionnaires. This and much, much more, all tailored to your needs.

Unlike other online learning courses you may have experienced, a Smart Course speaks directly to YOU.




The entire course uses a unique algorithm that ensures all content is customized to a professional’s behavioral style and personality (assessment takes place prior to start), allowing us to offer self-directed learning paths enriched with a blend of interactions: YouTube-style videos, back-at-work tasks, assignments, coaching messages, and simulations.


In other words, professionals experience content and interactions that speak directly to THEIR personality and behavioral style. THEIR needs. Feedback for THEM. Hacks that apply to THEM.

Also, our videos fall into the edutainment category as the user stays engaged while learning something useful.

2-8 weeks. It depends on the topic. Although professionals follow their own self-directed learning paths, certain steps or stages of the course are drip-fed, to promote immersion in a topic or to enable the processing of information presented at a deeper level. No matter what the case, smart courses are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible to professionals’ daily workloads.

There is no limit to the number of professionals you can sign-up to our Smart Courses. Our Enterprise Sales team will help you navigate group sizes and bulk discounts depending on what you have in mind. Get in touch.

The three stages that make up a course are: (a) an onboarding period where professionals get familiarized with the style of the course and some basic principles, (b) the main body of the course’s content and all interactive touchpoints, and (c) an offboarding period which includes the messages needed to promote the internal need for progress and any follow-up actions.

What makes a Smart Course unique


The Everything DiSC® behavioral assessment (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) sets the stage for the learning journey.

12 custom
learning paths

Our algorithm creates scenario-based branching and boosts the value gained by providing a personalized experience.

30+ Entertraining

Bursts of video content, insane motion graphics, and hilarious characters, enhance our micro-learning approach.

25+ practical
interactions & tasks

Multiple interaction points to promote full immersion, all powered by Motimate.

Reinventing corporate training

Smart courses are changing corporate learning and development forever.