"Dealing with People" Smart Course

A tailored e-learning course that will speak directly to YOU, helping you to deal with all the people in your life by helping you understand their expectations as well as yourself.

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Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at corporate professionals of all shapes and sizes who wish to invest in the communication skills of their organization or team. The course will help you:

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What will you learn in this course?

This smart course dives deep into fields including psychology, communication and human behavior, aiming at improving the communication skills of yourself and your team. The course will help you discover:

What is a Smart Course?

A Smart Course is an asynchronous development program, of medium duration (2-8 weeks), aimed at immersing professionals in personalized content and self-directed learning paths, in order to master a specific topic, completely customized to their personality and behavioral style. Smart Courses include: personalized videos, back-at-work tasks, assignments, coaching messages, simulations, and other gamified mechanics.





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Pricing Packages

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599 p.p.

Total: €29,950

  • DiSC Assessment

  • Tailored Content

  • High Production Value

  • Engaging Micro-videos

  • Applicable Hacks

  • Completion Certificate

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649 p.p.

Total: €32,450

All Basic features plus:

  • Drip-fed Content

  • Exercise Feedback

  • Downloadable PDFs

  • Back-at-work Tasks

  • Personality Report

  • Tangible Tools


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  • Course Co-design

  • Module Addition

  • Real Case Studies

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What others have said about the course

“I love this! This is awesome. It’s inter… not interactive but I feel like I’m participating. It’s very engaging, captures my attention. I’m not thinking about anything else except watching it.”


Michelle Director of Client Solutions

“I like their format versus.. the one where it’s like “Bob and Sarah are at the office. Bob has a problem. What should Sarah do? See? You’re already half asleep. This course is going to be more thought provoking, engaging for participants.”


Javon Senior Delivery Manager

“Definitely entertaining to watch like I actually wanted to see what was going to happen next which was very unusual for training videos. That’s for sure. So, they did a very good job on that.”


Andrew Senior Design Engineer


That would highly depend on which package you opt for. Below you can see what each package includes:




Using our drip-fed approach, the course lasts approximately 5 weeks (1 week per chapter). The overall dedicated work time would come to approximately 5 hours.

Our smart courses are unlike any other online learning courses you may have experienced The main reason being that our Smart Course speaks directly to YOU.


The entire course uses a unique algorithm that ensures all content is customized to a professional’s behavioral style and personality (assessment takes place prior to start), allowing us to offer self-directed learning paths enriched with a blend of interactions: YouTube-style videos, back-at-work tasks, assignments, coaching messages, and simulations.

In other words, professionals experience content and interactions that speak directly to THEIR personality and behavioral style. THEIR needs. Feedback for THEM. Hacks that apply to THEM.

Also, our videos fall into the edutainment category as we spare no expense at ensuring that the user stays engaged while learning something useful. You may laugh. You may chuckle. Maybe not. But we promise you will never be bored.

There is no limit to the number of professionals you can sign-up to our Smart Courses. Our Enterprise Sales team will help you navigate group sizes and bulk discounts depending on what you have in mind. Get in touch.

Of course individuals can also take the course. However, we must emphasize that the "Dealing with People" smart course was designed with teams in mind as it primarily aims to heal and/or improve the communication dynamics between groups of people who spend an extensive amount of time together.

If you, as an individual, aim to implement your learning on your own social or professional group, then you will still DEFINITELY find it helpful.

After all, the title of the course is "Dealing with People". Hence you should be able to picture the "people you are dealing with" before you sign up.

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