Smart Course

Working with Humans

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Smart Course Pricing


For teams who want to skill-up at their own pace through a personalized journey of action-fuelled insight and bite-sized wisdom.


Self-Paced features:
  • Personality assessment

  • 7+hrs of Personalized content

  • 65 Cinematic-quality micro-videos

  • 15 x Gamified quizzes

  • 10 x Reflection exercises

  • 18 x Practical HACKS

  • 15 x Role plays

  • 35 x Knowledge takeaway PDFs

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Dedicated mobile app + web access

Most popular package ♥️


For closely-knit teams, departments, business units who want to sync up their superpowers by experiencing a collaborative learning journey.


(15-30 ppl)
All Self-Paced features plus:
  • Live virtual tech onboarding (1hr)

  • 2 x 1hr Live Virtual Workshops

  • 4 x 1hr Live Group Coaching Sessions

  • 5 x Collaborative team tasks

  • 3 x Team personality videos

  • Facilitator feedback engagements

  • Interactive knowledge checks

  • 15 x Community engagements

  • Team Personality Map

  • Offline material bundle

  • HR learning analytics report

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