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Working with Humans

Master your organization's team dynamics with proven e-learning tailored to your unique behavioral style

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Who is this for?

Designed for today’s agile workforce, this Smart Course teaches professionals effective, empathetic communication with coworkers, customers and other stakeholders, to achieve personal and organizational goals.

Dealing with people
smart course

What will you learn?

Explore and harness your and your team’s unique needs and interpersonal dynamics, via interactive, gamified content, anchored in behavioral psychology and communication principles. You will discover:

What is a Smart Course?

A Smart Course is a 5-week asynchronous development program aimed at immersing professionals in content and learning paths, tailored to their behavioral style, to master a specific topic, completely customized to their personality and behavioral style.

25+ Practical
talent hacks




12 Personalized
learning paths


Tailored to
your style


30+ Entertaining







Experience Motimate

Our smart courses bring edutainment to life through the power of Motimate, the award-winning LMS app by Kahoot! Built for both desktop and mobile-first users on the go, Motimate delivers micro-bursts of media-rich, immersive content, taking professionals through gamified interactions that ensure engagement and learner retention.

If you had to put a price on edutainment

Select Your Team Size

Curious Explorers

Ideal for teams who want to develop their skills and are looking to be edutained


min. 25 users
  • 5 hours of drip-fed content delivered weekly over 5 weeks

  • Personality assessment

  • Personalized learning paths

  • Self-paced onboarding process

  • Micro learning high production video

  • Multi-modal content

  • Community messaging board

  • Progress tracking

  • Practical HACK suggestions

  • Gamified/applied learning activities

  • Humorous workplace scenarios

  • Basic learning analytics

  • Dedicated mobile app + web compatible

Most popular package ♥️

Ludicrous Learners

Ideal for serious teams who want to apply their learning & aren’t afraid to be tested


min. 50 users
  • All Curious Explorer features plus:

  • Team Leaderboard

  • Deep-dive text reinforcers

  • Interactive knowledge checks

  • Conditional logic quizzes

  • 4 x Learning retention quizzes

  • Collaborative learning tasks

  • Instant corrective feedback

  • Downloadable handouts

  • Offline material bundle

  • Suggested resources

  • Certificate of Completion

Enterprise HR

Ideal for decision-makers who want to customize action learning for their teams


+ setup fee
min. 75 users
volume discounts apply
  • All Ludicrous Learner features plus:

  • Live virtual kickoff

  • Live expert Q&A

  • Company branding

  • Custom applied learning activities

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Priority Customer Support

  • Scheduled custom tasks

  • Advanced Learning Analytics

  • Weekly progress report to HR

  • Benchmarked assessment score for HR

  • Custom branded memorabilia gift

  • Deck of HACK cards

What others have said about the course

“I love this! This is awesome. It’s inter… not interactive but I feel like I’m participating. It’s very engaging, captures my attention. I’m not thinking about anything else except watching it.”


Maria Customer Success Manager

“I like their format versus the style where you see Bob and Sarah in the office and are asked “What should Bob do?”  This course is more thought provoking and engaging for participants.”


Javier Senior Delivery Manager

“Definitely entertaining to watch! I actually wanted to see what was going to happen next, which was very unusual for training videos. That’s for sure. They do a great job on maintaining attention.”


Peter Senior Design Engineer


Our smart courses are 5-week development programs with personalized content being drip-fed to participants on a weekly basis.

Well, that would depend on the type of package you choose:


Curious Explorers Package: 25 users minimum

Ludicrous Learners Package: 50 users minimum

Enterprise HR Package: 75 users minimum


For our Enterprise HR clients, discounts apply for higher volumes. Our team will help you navigate group sizes and bulk discounts depending on what you have in mind. Get in touch.

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