Why online training SUCKS and how we use TECH to create 10x engagement

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Want to learn how technology can dramatically improve the learnability of your online training? Watch our webinar to get our field-tested blueprint for ultra-engaged virtual skilling.

This webinar will teach you:

  • The keyways so many online training workshops under-deliver (and how to avoid them)
  • How gamified ‘Entertrainment’ leverages engagement, ownership & skill retention
  • The precise touchpoints to set, re-set and ramp up learners’ attention… and more

This webinar is for:

  • HR managers and CHROs
  • Founders and CEOs
  • Learning and Development heads
  • Team managers and leaders

Why you should attend:

In a post-Covid world, where remote work is the go-to format for teams to meet, interact and learn together, the need for quality virtual, synchronous, online training is soaring. Unfortunately, despite the explosion of digital resources, the majority of online workshops still leave participants confused and disengaged – or worse, actively resentful for the unproductive diversion of their time and attention.

While such outcomes might have been tolerated pre-pandemic, today, companies’ ability to provide targeted, effective and ongoing skilling for their teams is vital to their survival. And not just in terms of remaining competitive, but even more so when it comes to attracting, managing and retaining the talent of Millennial and Gen Z professionals.

To reach, engage and effectively train these generations, you’ve got to blend their preference for YouTube-style micro-learning, with a slick, tech-friendly and individualized approach, which transforms skilling into a bona fide hero’s journey.

Which is why, in this webinar, we share our tried and tested, technology-based training blueprint that we use in our own virtual workshops. You’ll see for yourself exactly how tech – from gamification and green-screening, to special effects and hilarious role plays – drives home the training on which every organization relies: from leadership, to people management, to advanced communication, and more.

The days of uninspiring PowerPoint and unread workbooks are long since over, and there’s absolutely no excuse for training that’s a demoralizing, unproductive time-sink. So, allow yourself to get absorbed in this webinar as we show you how 21st-century workshops can – and must – be nothing short of a rock show, taking your people from indifferent and tuned-out, to powerfully motivated!

Webinar Facilitator

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Paris Thomas

CEO @ Talent Hacks
As comfortable training SMEs and Fortune500 companies as he is leading CleanTech accelerator boot camps and mentoring corporate startups, Talent Hacks Co-founder and CEO Paris Thomas merges eloquence with targeted, down-to-earth instruction. A serial entrepreneur and communication strategist, he is also a certified Strategyzer trainer and Executive Advisor on Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model Generation (BMG) methodology, having facilitated industry-wide innovation sprints and workshops in North America, Europe and Asia.